Saturday, February 1, 2014

Dose of Colors -- Play Date & Attitude

I had been lusting after these lipsticks/glosses ever since I started following makeup artist Anna on Instagram {@makeupbyanna}. She released her own range called Dose of Colors, and not only are the colours absolutely DI-VINE, but they are also vegan, cruelty free, gluten free, paraben free, and not tested on animals. How could you resist?!


Oh but it took a lot of careful thought as to which colours I wanted first. I knew I would try one lipstick, and one lipgloss, and if I absolutely adored them {which I clearly do!}, I could always purchase more.


So I settled on the lipstick in Play Date, and the lipgloss in Attitude

Let's have a look at them, shall we?

Play Date is a gorgeous coral colour, incredibly opaque, and with a creamy satin finish. If I'm being honest, I initially thought this colour was too "pastel neon" for my skin tone, and I was afraid I was parading around with the dreaded "concealer lips". However, as the day continued and it settled on my lips, and as I also trialled wearing it the next day too, I grew to love it, and now I cannot imagine not having it in high rotation.


My friend Lilit who blogs over at Makeup and Macaroons also has this colour, but sports an entirely different skin tone to me. It looks AMAZING on her, so be sure to stop by and check it out. 

Attitude is a very opaque, incredibly glossy bubblegum pink. In these photos, I'm wearing it alone, with only my Body Shop clear, waxy lip liner underneath to prevent bleeding, but I have also worn it over pink lipstick, which makes the lips stand out even more. This gloss is not at all sticky, and lasts impressively long.


I am now a big fan of Dose of Colors; a big kudos to Anna for such success. The lipsticks retail for $16US and the lip glosses for $15US. You can purchase them online at

What do you think of these colours? 
Do you prefer lipstick or lipgloss?

Saturday, January 25, 2014

NOTD with Lime Crime 'Milky Ways'

I confess :: I, without fail, paint my nails weekly. Sometimes even twice a week. I absolutely cannot stand chipped nail polish, and the moment my manicure is less than perfect, it's off with the current colour and on to a new one.

And yes, I have two small children, so my DIY manicures take place after they are in bed and all is done for the day, usually after 9pm. I have a little mini desk fan set up on my bedside table to dry my nails in between coats, and a can of cooking oil spray to set my nails faster after the top coat is applied. I've got the routine down pat!

I like to alternate between dark & light colours, so currently on my nails I am wearing 'Milky Ways', a gorgeous pastel ivory cream from the Les Desserts d'Antoinette collection by Lime Crime. I think it's a colour that can suit both short and longer nails, and it's also a great base colour for glitters or sheerer polishes. I used three coats for opacity and longevity was around four days before hairline cracks appeared and the colour dulled.

Still, this is absolutely and easily one of my favourite paler shades.

Have you tried any of the Lime Crime polishes?
Do you prefer to wear pastels, brights, or darks?

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Goodbye 2013, & my hair extensions....

One of my 2014 New Years Resolutions was to dedicate more time to my blog. We're halfway through January already and this is only my first post, so I already need to up my game!

But I'm starting off the New Year with a bit of a hair disaster. Quite a bit, actually. You see, I've had {very long} hair extensions for the past six months, and I suppose that as much as I adored them, I was beginning to tire of them. It's cumbersome, having to blow-dry them each time I wash my hair so that naturally drying them won't break down the bonds, pinning my hair up whenever I swim, so as to avoid having to wash and go through the whole drying process again unnecessarily. And then the knots. Oh, the knots! I tied it back often, I wore it in a plait to bed, I used the specific extension hairbrush, but on both sides of my head, where I sleep on my pillow, the hair would just matte up all around the bonds. Painful to try to brush out. Even more painful to have the hairdressers detangle them!

So it was time for them to go, and I had to do it STRAIGHT AWAY, before I changed my mind, because I DO like how beautiful they look when curled. I also decided that once back to my natural hair, I wanted to give the ombre look a whirl. I found a gorgeous picture on Pinterest, and thought it would be achievable. Little did I know, I was taking SUCH a risk, because my hairdresser barely spoke English and another woman had to do her best at translating for him. Not that I was overly worried, it IS just hair, and I can always default back to dark brown, which is generally what I end up doing anyway, I'm a brunette at heart! {and roots}.
Before :: the beautiful {but cumbersome} extensions

It was goodbye extensions {and knots!}, and then the ombre was attempted. Long story short, after they washed all the colour out, I almost cried. My hair was orange. ORANGE. The closest comparison is an oompa-loompas face. Seriously. I tried to remain impassive but I tell you, I was sobbing my little heart out on the inside. Instantly, they tried to fix it with toner. Five minutes before the salon was closing for the night, they dried my hair, styled it, collected my money, and sent me on my way. And I pretended to be in love with it. Because I'm non-confrontational like that. And besides, if he barely spoke English, what was the point?! I left the salon looking like a teenager who was trying to grow out a bottle of Sun-In {remember that product?!}.

It's embarrassing, but I'm an honest blogger :: the "ombre". I didn't even bother trying to make myself look nice with makeup

I came home, rummaged through the bathroom cupboards and found a chocolate brown semi-permanent packet colour that I bought in Australia before we moved to Thailand. The next day, after snapping a few God-awful photos of the disaster colour, I was brown again. And relieved. The colour is obviously darker on top of my head where they dyed it dark for the ombre attempt, and lighter where the orange was, but I don't mind that. It adds dimension. What's sad is that my hair is now in very bad condition; incredibly dry and straw-like, due to the bleaching. But that's okay, a regular hair mask can keep that under control. But my hair is so thin! I think half of my natural locks came out as they were attempting to detangle the matted extensions. I considered cutting it into a bob to mask the missing hair, but after this colour disaster? I'm VERY hesitant to let a Thai hairdresser near me with scissors!

After :: back to my natural length, and brunette in colour
So. My New Years Resolution? No more extensions. And no straying from brunette! Lesson learned!

Have you ever had a hair disaster as bad as mine?!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette

I've been a big fan of Urban Decay since I purchased my first product of the original Naked Palette a couple years back. So when I saw that the Vice 2 palette was on sale at Beauty Bay, I snapped it up before my credit card {or husband!} could understand what was happening.

And it arrived yesterday!
And it's gorgeous!
And it was love at first swatch!

I'm yet to actually play around with it, I haven't had time, but I've taken the initial photos and swatched the colours, so I thought I'd share those and then introduce some eye looks in the coming weeks.

with flash

natural light

Urban Decay describes this palette as ::

" 20 BRAND-NEW shades, plus a double-ended Good Karma brush. Experiment with insanely cool brights, not-your-average neutrals and sexy hits of smoke, all in our decadent, revamped formula. Even the presentation is luxe. With the touch of a button, the jewel-inlaid case opens slowly, seductively, to unveil all that gorgeous eye candy. Ah, sweet addiction. "

They're right about the palette presentation being so luxe; that might be my favourite part, pushing the button and seeing the beautiful colours so slowly revealed.

It contains twenty eyeshadows, and I cannot find one colour that I wouldn't actually wear. I'm sure they'll all get significant use from me, as opposed to the original Vice palette, which I don't own because the colours were a bit too loud & vibrant for me. The textures appear to be buttery soft and smooth with the high standard of pigmentation I've found from Urban Decay, minus a few misses {namely Habit, the centre colour in the bottom row} -- which is still okay, as they can be used as a highlight.

Let take a peek at those swatches, shall we?

Row #1 ::

Smokeout, Lovesick, Shellshock, Coax, X-Rated

Now can I just say how already IN. LOVE. I am with Shellshock, that silver colour in the centre? Oh my, it is like pure chrome. My photo does it no justice, it is amazing, and unlike anything else I own!

Row #2 ::

Prank, Madness, Strike, Stash, Poison

Row #3 ::

Radar, Damaged, Voodoo, Betrayal, Derailed

Row #4 ::

Dope, Toxic, Habit, Ambush, Rewind

You can see how the bottom row is not quite as up to par as it's fellow rows above, but that's not to say they're unworkable.

I'm so excited to start using this palette!

Do you own this palette? 
Or the original Vice palette? 
Which colour/s do you think would be your favourite/s?

Monday, December 9, 2013

Lovely Lips :: Classics #253

A while back, before things got all crazy with the move to Thailand, {and before I slacked off a little on this ol' blog of mine...} I introduced the "Lovely Lips" series to my blog, where basically I would aim every so often to showcase a lip product I own, in the hope of putting my products into a bit more of a rotation.

This is a new lippy to my collection, very generously gifted to me from the lovely Lilit of Makeup and Macaroons, which she purchased while on her recent travels in Armenia. The brand is Classics and while the lipstick has no name, it does have a number, 253.

In the tube, it looks like an incredibly bright colour -- which generally I do not shy away from. However, here in Thailand... if I'm honest, sometimes I feel like... "that crazy Westerner who wears a full face of makeup in sweltering heat". I did so the other day at my daughters school pick-up; I'd been on an outing with my baby son and so I had a full face and curled hair happening, and four separate mothers commented on my makeup that I felt so uncomfortable and haven't worn a bright lipstick there again! Not that their comments were nasty, but I felt very self-conscious being so dolled up around these women who were bare-faced with tied-back hair!

But, I digress.

This lipstick doesn't transfer the same way it looks in the bullet. It is still a beautiful, opaque colour that is perhaps slightly neon, but not in that scary fluorescent lighting-type way.

I find the coral colour to be very wearable, the texture is flawless, and wear time is around four hours before reapplication is required.

Do you embrace the bold lip, or shy away from it?

Friday, December 6, 2013

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat nail polish

When I was in Australia for a fly-through visit a few weeks ago, I had a list as long as my arm of all the things I wanted to stock up on in Priceline {seriously Thailand? Priceline. Get on it.}. I did not however, factor in that tiny little issue of luggage allowance. So half my stuff still resides at my parents place, waiting for me to pick it up at Christmas time!

What I did bring back with me, was one of the Sugar Coat nail polishes, by Sally Hansen. It's not the first of it's kind; there's OPI Liquid Sand, and China Glaze Texture, among others I'm sure, but I like them. I especially like that because of their roughness, they have the ability to stay put on the nails for quite some time longer than a regular polish does, similar to glitter.

So I jumped on the white nail polish wagon, and I picked up #200, Sugar Fix. 

And it is tres cool. Very wintery, very white, and very long-lasting.

This here is two coats, applied four days ago. Still going strong.

Have you tried any of these gritty textured nail polishes?
What do you think of the white nails trend?
Are you on board?!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Weekend look; including Too Faced Romantic Eye Palette

Yes, I know. I've been a terrible blogger lately. It's true that I've rarely left the house for a while, so no need for makeup, and when I did, it was because my parents were here visiting us in Thailand for a week, so blog posts weren't really on my mind. And if you did not know it about me already, I have a million hobbies. I flit from one to another every few days, paying attention to whatever takes my fancy. Lately, it's been crocheting. I'm busy whipping up a blanket for my two nephews, and some facecloths for my grandmother. All before Christmas, so that I can take them back to Australia with me.

But. Yesterday was a Girls Day Out with my daughter; we went to the local mall for some shopping, lunch, and mani/pedis together, and so it called for a bit more of an effort, which in turn, I thought I could make into a blog post.

I recently purchased the Too Faced Romantic Eye palette, which I had been lemming for AGES. I am going trough a purple obsession at the moment, regardless of the fact that purple makeup by far looks better on brown-eyed folk than my bright blue ones. I also live in a country where it's constantly summer time {that's not as great as it sounds, I promise!} so deep purple makeup can look a little out of place sometimes.


Here's a breakdown of today's look ::

 Face --

* Foundation - Bourjois Healthy Mix in #52, Vanilla
* Concealor -Maybelline Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles
* Powder - MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural
* Blush - Illamasqua Naked Rose

Eyes --

* Primer - Urban Decay Primer Potion Original
* Eyeshadow - Too Faced Romantic Eye Palette; Cut the Cake on the lid and lower lashline, Soulmates in the crease and along browbone, First Dance subtlety smudged into the upper lashes.
* Mascara - Maybelline XXL Pro Extensions

Lips --

* Revlon Super Lustrous in #660 Berry Haute
{I absolutely wanted to wear MAC Asian Flower instead, but it's gone missing! I'm devastated! Must check inside my one trillion handbags, I'm sure it's somewhere...}

And I finished with a couple of spritzes of Urban Decay All Nighter make up setting spray and I'm done.

What do you think of this look?
Do you like to wear purple makeup, or other pops of colour?
Or are you more of a neutral kinda gal?!